patrick plays chromatic button accordion

Chromatic Button Accordion


Late in 2009, 10 months after major aortic-valve surgery, Patrick began to teach himself to play this remarkable instrument.

His repertoire ranges widely including Canadian, Irish, English & Scottish airs, waltzes, reels, jigs & hornpipes, Scandinavian vals & polskas, Playford dance tunes, new (and older) French musettes & Tango vals.

It features music written by fiddlers, harpists, pipers, flautists, guitarists, jazz saxophonists and, yes, accordion players. Expect sensuous sound, infectious rhythm, sweet melody & counterpoint.


Music Samples Jan 2016 (all tunes used with permission of composers — merci!)

The Rose in the Cottage — Geoff Somers [SOCAN]


Clodagh's Jig (excerpt) — Allison Lupton [SOCAN]


Swan LK143 (excerpt) — Catriona McKay


La Fée des Dents (excerpt) — André Brunet [SOCAN]



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